Board of Directors

Nanoligent’s Board of Directors is composed of experienced professionals from the biotech industry, investment sector, and academic research. This diverse group brings together a wealth of expertise in guiding the company’s strategic direction, ensuring Nanoligent’s growth and innovation align with its mission to revolutionize cancer treatment. Their leadership is crucial in steering Nanoligent through the complexities of biotechnological advancements and market dynamics, fostering an environment where scientific discovery translates into tangible patient benefits.


Montserrat Cano Biosca - CEO

Montserrat Cano

Manuel RodrIguez - Co-founder and Chairman

Manuel Rodríguez
Co-founder & Chairman

Chairman of the Board


Michele Marzola-Lead Investor-IAG-Board Director

Michele Marzola
Lead Investor

Board Director


Michael Milos-Financial Co-investor-Avanteca-BoardDirector

Michael Milos
Financial co-investor

Board Director

I&I Biotech

Barbora Sumova-Financial Co-investor-I&I Biotech-Board Observer

Barbora Sumova
Financial co-investor

Board Director