Nanoligent Joins Arquímedes Accelerator for Intensive Growth Program

Nanoligent is proud to announce its active participation in the Arquídemes Accelerator, a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with Santander Bank (Universidades section). This first edition of the program is dedicated to fostering the growth of emerging companies, mainly spin-offs from the University.

Over the two months, Nanoligent, along with 13 other cutting-edge companies, will benefit from specialized training and personalized guidance provided by industry experts across diverse sectors. The program covers crucial aspects such as financial strategy, technology monitoring, intellectual property, taxation, legal aspects, and avenues for private and public financing. This unique initiative includes mentorship from seasoned professionals including Bart Huisken, Cristina Moyano, Jorge Tejero, Marta Puig, Adriana Lafuente, and Gustavo Fuster. Furthermore, an investment forum will provide Nanoligent and fellow participants with the opportunity to engage with potential investors.

Key events in the acceleration journey include a dedicated day on recruitment and talent retention scheduled for December 4th at the Eureka building on the UAB campus. Furthermore, an investment forum on December 13th at the Casa Convalescència de la UAB will provide Nanoligent and fellow participants with an opportunity to engage with potential investors.

Nanoligent, known for its groundbreaking work in developing nanoparticles conjugated with antitumor drugs for metastasis treatment, looks forward to leveraging the expertise and collaborative environment offered by the Arquímedes Accelerator. The company’s commitment to advancing healthcare innovation aligns seamlessly with the goals of this prestigious program.

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