Our Technology

We’re pioneering a revolutionary approach to drug design and development through cutting-edge nanobiotechnology. Our innovative platform leverages state-of-the-art protein engineering to create targeted drug therapies with unmatched precision and safety.

Revolutionizing Medicine

Nanoligent´s Precision Nanotherapy Platform

Our technology revolves around the design of protein conjugates organized as nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are capable of precisely targeting specific biological systems, ensuring the medication reaches its intended destination with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike traditional therapies, our protein architecture remains highly stable upon administration in the body, resulting in long-lasting systemic circulation and site-specific drug delivery.

This breakthrough approach is the key to precision medicine in oncology, offering a high therapeutic index while minimizing side effects. By employing specific ligands, our medicines selectively target affected cells, delivering the desired cargo with unparalleled accuracy. Moreover, our humanized scaffolds prevent undesired immune responses, further enhancing the safety and efficacy of our treatments.

Our commitment to reducing systemic toxicity while enhancing treatment efficacy has the potential to transform the landscape of cancer therapy. We’re dedicated to developing safer and more effective medicines that improve the lives of patients.

Five Pioneering Features of Nanoligent's Precision Nanotherapy

Our proteins have the capacity to self-assamble and form nanoparticles that avoid kidney clearance.


By means of a specific ligand, Nanoligent’s medicine is able to selectively target cells, delivering the desired cargo.

Humanized scaffolds

We have developed humanized scaffolds for our medicine to avoid undesired immune responses.

Protein only

Our technology involves protein-only nanoparticles that can be degraded naturally in the body.


Drug conjugation allow our nanoparticles to kill cells while retaining the selectivity. Thus, there is a reduction in systemic toxicity.



Addressing Critical Unmet Needs

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide, with metastasis and chemotherapy-associated toxicity posing significant challenges. Nanoligent is tackling these issues head-on. Our first drug at a preclinical stage is designed to target the CXCR4 receptor found in more than 20 different tumour types, offering hope to patients with limited treatment options. By significantly reducing metastasis and minimizing toxicity, we’re addressing critical unmet needs in cancer care.

Cancer Care

Unprecedented Precision in Targeted Therapies

Imagine a world where cancer treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a precision science. Nanoligent is leading the charge in developing nanomedicines that revolutionize cancer therapy. Our technology enables us to precisely target and destroy cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. With a high therapeutic index and minimal side effects, we’re redefining the future of oncology treatments.


A Stellar Team with Proven Expertise

In the world of biotechnology, success hinges on the people behind the innovation. Nanoligent boasts a team of visionary leaders and distinguished academics who have dedicated their careers to advancing nanobiotechnology and oncology. Our CEO, Montserrat Cano, provides strategic direction, while our scientific collaborations with top institutions ensure our solutions are rooted in cutting-edge science. With a track record of groundbreaking research, our team is poised to deliver game-changing results.

A Gateway to a Thriving Market​

Enormous Market Potential

Investing in Nanoligent isn’t just a bet on innovative science; it’s an opportunity to tap into a vast market. With cancer affecting millions globally, the demand for safer, more effective treatments is insatiable. Moreover, our technology isn’t limited to oncology; it has the potential for applications in various human pathologies. By joining us on this journey, you’re not only supporting groundbreaking science but also positioning yourself in a burgeoning market with immense growth potential.

Nanotechnology Enormous Market Potential​

Together, we can change the lifes of patients and redefine the future of healthcare.

Do you want to be part of...?

Together, we can change the lives of patients and redefine the future of healthcare. In an era where innovation is not just desired but required, we at Nanoligent are committed to leading the charge. With every molecule we engineer and every nanoparticle we craft, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in medicine. Our mission is more than a promise; it’s a movement toward a future where cancer is no longer an end but a challenge that can be overcome with precision and care.

With every research project, with every trial, we are not just seeking answers—we are seeking hope. Our partners and collaborators are crucial to this journey; they are the ones who provide the diverse perspectives and expertise that fuel our relentless pursuit of solutions that can one day turn the tide against cancer.

As we look to the future, we see a horizon filled with potential. We envision a world where the diagnosis of cancer is no longer a cause for despair but a challenge that can be met with effective, targeted, and compassionate care. At Nanoligent, we are more than scientists, investors, or partners—we are pioneers on a quest to transform lives. And every step we take is a step towards a future where health is within reach for all.