Nanoligent grows its scientific team with the incorporation of two Torres Quevedo Scientists

The aim of the Torres Quevedo grant is to promote the professional growth of researchers and meet the demand in the private sector for highly skilled personnel capable of leading research and development projects. Additionally, it contributes to the consolidation of recently established technology companies.


Andrea Livieri, PhD and Patricia Álamo, PhD, have been awarded a Torres Quevedo grant in collaboration with Nanoligent SL.


Dra. Andrea Lourdes Livieri earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biotechnology from the National University of Rosario, Argentina. She completed her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the same institution, where she gained extensive expertise in metabolic engineering of microorganisms, biochemical and functional characterization of proteins, and production of secondary metabolites. She has joined the team as a CMC scientist and project manager, specializing in the engineering, expression, and purification of proteins, as well as drug-protein conjugation, nanobiomaterials characterization, and CDMO/CMO management.


Dr. Patricia Álamo obtained her PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona and graduated in Biochemical and Biotechnological Engineering from the Institut National de Sciences Apliquées de Lyon (France). She did her doctoral thesis in the Oncogenesis and Antitumour group at IIB Sant Pau to develop a metastatic murine model for the study of metastatic colorectal cancer. Since then, she has continued her research in the cancer field for the preclinical drug development of nanomedicines for targeted drug delivery to metastatic stem cells. Since 2022 she is an In vivo Senior Scientist at Nanoligent.


We are proud of having them in our team and look forward to the exciting contributions they will make!


We want to thank the Spanish State Research Agency for this opportunity. PTQ2022-012477 and PTQ2021-011781.


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